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Your inventory is examined for both quantity and quality

Save time and Money with Spacefox's inventory Management Solutions.

Managing your business’ inventory is a time consuming task that includes managing returns, new products, physical inventories, cycle counts, adjustments, and more. Your Spacefox team must also keep your inventory organized in a way that makes order processing streamlined and simple.

Partnering with a professional fulfillment center, like Spacefox, you offer your customers fast and efficient processing of orders. We will leverage the SKUs and UPCs (Stock Keeping Units and Uniform Price Codes) that are used by your business to ensure accurate reporting and management for your business. Optimizing the order fulfillment process with bar code technology, offers a multitude of picking options and real-time shipping and warehouse integration that keep your warehouse functions operating at peak efficiency.

Keeping product in stock is critical to avoid back orders while maintaining a lean inventory and still satisfying customer demands is a challenge. Our inventory management software can help your business identify trends related to your sales to ensure that you’re stocking what you need, when you need it. Spacefox's web-based reports and dashboards empower our clients with easy real-time data access on all aspects of inventory management; orders, products, inventory levels and forecasts, user activity and more.

When you connect to Spacefox's all-in-one inventory management system you instantaneous review updates in all your inventory counts.

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