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 Pick & pack is a critical step in the supply chain process. 

Pick and Pack services from Spacefox.

Our pick and pack services offer businesses a streamlined experience to fulfilling their orders. Pick and pack is a critical step in the supply chain process, at Spacefox we want that step to be economical and completely stress free for our customers. We work with our clients to customize the pick and pack shipping process to make sure your customers receive their shipments when expected, without any surprises.

Our goal is to help your business continue to grow and scale. We will store your product in our secure, air-conditioned warehouse and quickly assemble and prepare your products for shipment within minutes of receiving an order.

With the Spacefox Pick and Pack System you will have access to:

  • Real Time inventory control and reports

  • Assurance your inventory data is accurate

  • Accurate shipping costs and strict compliance with shipping regulations both domestically and internationally

  • Custom labels and packaging when assembling your product for shipment

  • Team of logistics professionals to establish a stringent pick and pack automation plan customized to meet your company’s products

  • Faster shipment times to enhance customer satisfaction

  • Use of our highly trained CSR’s (customer service representatives) to process your returns and engage with your customers when they have a problem

  • Secure climate controlled storage facility until the time of shipment eliminating the need for your own warehouse

  • Relationships with all major domestic and international shipping carriers for the fastest and most economical options available for your products

You’re running a business and you have a product to sell, you should not worry about shipping. Your business should be focused on growing your sales and customers - not storing products and shipping details.

Shipping is what we do and we are good at it. Your products will be quickly and securely in your customer's hands. We aim to get products shipped to customers on the day they were purchased. The quicker your products arrive, the happier your customers will be. Who doesn’t like happy customers?

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