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order & inventory management

Ensuring that your customer receives your product in a timely manner.

Fulfillment Order & Inventory Management from Spacefox.

Fulfillment order and inventory management from Spacefox provides oversight from the time we receive your order until it is received by your customer.  Order management begins when your customer places an order for your product, and is considered completed when your customer receives your product. Ensuring that your customer receives the product in a timely manner is at the forefront of our business model. Our fulfillment center works to ensure your orders are fulfilled accurately to minimize returns due to shipment errors.

It is critical that businesses deliver on promises when it comes to shipping their product. Customers expect their orders to arrive timely and without errors. In order to do this, your business will need staff dedicated to managing invoices, orders, inventory, shipments, and more. Spacefox can take all of these needs off the table and work with you to get your product into more hands faster.

Each of your orders will arrive with a printed copy of the invoice which complies with your branding guidelines, order numbers, and pricing. Your customers will not be able to tell that your product didn’t ship directly from you. Whether you ship five orders a day or 5,000, we are here to help you complete the task!

Order and inventory management goes beyond pick and pack. You are able to effectively manage your entire order process including inventory management with Spacefox Magaya Commerce platform. You’ll have instant inventory insights and forecasts along with accurate order records at your fingertips. You or your customers will never be blind-sided again.

  • Inventory reports
    Manage inventory while tracking product demand. Avoid back orders and instantly respond to industry triggers or pressures.

  • Warehouse management
    Track inbound and outbound inventory levels at any time of the day or night with product reports and alerts on our warehouse management system.

  • Order Processing
    At Spacefox we can scale our labor capacity to handle your sales peaks. Our cutting-edge technology for automated packaging and freight systems scan and process order details before being shipped to improve accuracy, and save money and time.


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