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Strategically located in South Florida, close to major ports and major airports.

Warehousing Services from Spacefox

Spacefox provides warehousing services from its locations strategically located in Southwest Florida.  Our locations are close to major ports and major airports easily connecting your products to South and Central America and the Caribbean along with major trucking arteries in Florida.

Our secure warehouse location means your products will be safely and securely stored until ready to be shipped either domestically or internationally. Receiving or shipping your inventory has never been easier using our comprehensive warehousing services.

Spacefox understands the value and importance quality warehousing and shipping is to our customers, no matter the size or quantity of the items you need stored or shipped. Our logistics team deploys a variety of proven tactics to ensure your products arrive as expected and stay secure while in our care. Our quality warehousing commitment to you:

  • We employ strict quality control receiving practices for your inventory both to resolve potential quality or quantity variances

  • Our state- of -the art warehouse management systems that are easily customized to meet your business needs

  • Organized and focused packaging to meet the highest quality standards

  • Cost and time effective shipping

  • Continual storage security and maintenance for quality inbound and outbound inventory assurance

  • Inventory measurement and re-order alerts

  • Shipping transparency for you and your end user customer

Warehousing solutions are vital to global transactions, Spacefox combines technology and meticulous customer service to meet your growing business needs.

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